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Since the implementation of SB4 in March 2018, hundreds of undocumented central Texas residents have been deported from Travis County Jail, under the watch of Sheriff Sally Hernandez. Texas’ “Show me your papers” SB4 law states that local government may not limit assistance or cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

HOWEVER, cities and counties across Texas CAN create policies and procedures to ensure:

  • The rights of ALL community members are protected
  • The needs of the Travis County are met before providing resources to federal agencies
  • I.C.E. detainer requests are valid and legal

Sheriff Hernandez’s department continues to hide behind weak legal arguments which has allowed I.C.E to infiltrate our state, our country, and our daily lives. Forced cooperation with ICE wastes local tax dollars and diverts resources from real community needs. For the past three weeks, Grassroots Leadership & Ice Fuera de Austin have tried to meet with Sheriff Hernandez to discuss our concerns of I.C.E’s daily and unaccountable access to our county jails, and have been met with little response. 

Under I.C.E, heavy militarized police forces, and SB4, Travis County’s undocumented immigrant community is in constant fear of deportation. Sheriff Sally Hernandez needs to reaffirm her commitment to the immigrant community, the platform in which she was elected, and end I.C.E’s unaccountable access to Travis County jails. We will #ABOLISH ICE, and we invite you to join us in holding Sheriff Sally Hernandez accountable for her open door policies with I.C.E.


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